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Tech Tutorials: How to Find Free GPS Apps

These days if you are an avid runner, you know that there is a huge market for running accessories. From your feet to your head, athletic apparel companies are trying to compete to cover you with the sleekest clothing that also proves beneficial during a long or short run. That is why when runners get a chance to save a little money on a product for their favorite hobby, they should do it! Technology is playing an increasing role in how we track each and every one of our runs. It can help us overcome mental hurdles and increase our best times. If you are a runner and have a smart phone, then today I am going to tell you why you need the Endomondo App.

Let me tell you the best part of this app to start out: It's free! While there is a fancier Endomondo app that you can upgrade to, for most runners their lite version does enough to satisfy. There are many other run tracker apps that do many of the same things the Endomondo app does but at a cost.

Endomondo tracks your mileage for you and their GPS tracker is very reliable. I have found sometimes it is a little slow to recognize when you turn around, but other than that, its' precision is spot on. There is also a feature next to miles traveled that tells you your time and calories burned. A great feature of this app is that a narrator pops up at the end of every mile you run. It gives you your overall time and your lap time. At the end of every run, it shows you a general map of the path you took and a complete breakdown of your entire run. Finally, there is also a social aspect to Endomondo. You can add friends and do other networking type things, but I have yet to fool around with that feature yet.

Endomondo also offers rewards and prizes the more miles that you claim. Much more information about this topic is listed on their website, There are plenty of GPS run trackers out there, but I have yet to find any that compare to the overall value of the free Endomondo app for the iPhone.