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Top Android Cell Phones

Top Android Cell Phones

Over the past few years Android Phones have been on the rise of the hottest phone around to have. With so much selection and phone specifications it could be hard to choose the best one. Here is the top 5 android phones that you should definitely check out.

HTC Droid Eris

The HTC Droid Eris runs a 1.5 platform and comes with a HTC sense interface, which is customizable. This phone is very modern looking and has a nice look to it. There is no QWERTY feature on this phone so if you are okay with typing everything straight onto the touch screen this is a great choice for you. The Droid Eris is very lightweight, just over 4 ounces, and can be comfortable carrying around in your shirt or pants pocket. Features include WiFi Capability, which is great for anybody, Bluetooth and over 1,000 apps to choose from. My favorite app for this phone is “Shazam”, it will analyze any song and tell you the name and artist. It still to this day amazes me. The HTC Droid Eris is retailed by Verizon Wireless for $469 or $179 with a 2 year contract. Buying online will save you another $100. So this phone has great features, looks cool and is only $79.

Motorola Devour

The Motorola Devour has been recently released by Verizon Wireless. It runs the android 1.6 platform and also has a Motoblur interface. The bright touchscreen interface is 3.1 inches wide and is Bluetooth compatible. There is also a featured QWERTY keyboard that can be used to dial phone numbers, text, and use the internet. The full retail price of the Devour from Verizon Wireless is $479.00 but if you purchase it with a 2 year contract it comes out to $249.99. Purchasing this phone online will also get you another $100 online discount. This phone is great for social networking site users such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace as all your accounts and e-mails can be streamed into one section of your phone. Real Time updates of all your linked pages is also a plus when using th3 Motorola Devour. The price of this phone is good for users who do not want to spend much money on a Droid phone but still love all the features included.

T-Mobile G1 with Google

The T-Mobile G1 is also known as the HTC Dream. This android phone was first released in late 2008 and is still popular to this day. The LCD touch screen glass looking display is clear and vibrant and it weighs just over 5 ounces. This smart phone also features a QWERTY keyboard and trackball, so choices of use is up to you. This phone is my favorite of all the android phones out there. I think it is very useful and I have always been obsessed with Google. The storage on the phone is great, coming with 1GB of memory but you are able to purchase memory cards with …

Metro PCS Cell Phone Service Review

Metro PCS Cell Phone Service Review

I recently switched cell phone providers thinking that Metro PCS would give me a better deal. I’ve seen Metro PCS posted on billboards and online advertisements stating that their cheapeast phone plan with unlimited local calling and text is only $30 a month. I figured I would try it out since it sounded like something that might fit my budget.

I decided to sign up for the $35 a month plan because it included unlimited long distance calling and texts. After taxes, it turns out to be about $43 a month. While first trying to activate my phone, the customer service was not very good. Apparently they had a problem with the computer system and they told me I had to go to a Metro PCS store to have it activated. I understand that problems can happen and I was very patient and courteous about it. 
I decided just to wait a couple hours and call back. The lady on the phone was very hard to understand because of her accent and I had difficulty understanding how to activate the phone. Finally, the computer systems were running so she was able to activate the phone.

After a week or so of using the phone, I noticed some defects. While I am texting to someone, it sometimes says “message failed”. Then there are times when I send a text message and the recipient will not receive the text message until the next day. It also messes up the times that the messages are sent. I called Metro PCS to explain the situation. I was hung up on several times in an attempt to speak to a human customer service representative. I spent about two hours on the phone trying to speak to someone. I called from both my house phone and my cell phone. Each time I called, I was hung up on. So, needless to say, the customer service is very poor.

After many attempts, I was able to reach a man who explained to me that I cannot return the phone because I had already used it for one hour of airtime. Well, if that is their policy, then fine. I did not complain to him. I barely could understand his accent. It makes it difficult when it’s hard to communicate.

After a few weeks of having this phone, I am realizing that I made a bad mistake by switching to Metro PCS. I do like that there is no contract and that your first month of service is free, but I’ve done research and have heard from other people that there are much better cell phone service providers out there that do not require a contract to sign up for their service.

Here is another negative thing about Metro PCS. You have a few options to pay your bill. One of the options is going to the store to pay directly. I went to the store to pay directly and they charged …

How to Unlock a Samsung Omnia II Phone

How to Unlock a Samsung Omnia II Phone

The Omnia II is a high-end smartphone developed by Samsung that is marketed as a competitor to other feature-rich phones, such as the Apple iPhone and the Motorola Droid. The Omnia II offers a wide array of features, such as an integrated MP3 player, microphone, quality camera, large touchscreen, and Bluetooth connectivity, and is available on several different carrier networks. Most carriers only offer an Omnia that has been flashed and locked to its own network, making it impossible to use it on a different network until the phone is unlocked. Fortunately, it is relatively simple to unlock the Samsung Omnia, and, once unlocked, you’ll be able to use it on any network that supports its GSM radio type.

Step 1: Open your Web browser via either your smartphone or your laptop and type “” into the URL field, then press “Enter.” This website contains hundreds of cell phone unlock codes that can be purchased, including the code for your Samsung Omnia II.

Step 2: Scroll down the page. Locate and click the “Unlock Your Samsung” link. Fill out the phone details for the unlocker. Choose your carrier from the first drop-down menu on the page, such as “AT&T;,” then wait for the page to automatically forward to the next item. Enter your personal information, including your payment info, into the field. Make sure your phone number and email address are correct, since you’ll need that information to receive the unlock code. Submit the form.

Step 3: Take the battery cover off the back of your phone, then remove the battery. You should see the SIM card, which is a little plastic card located within a slot. Take the SIM card out carefully, then replace the battery and battery cover. Turn your phone on. Open the dial pad as if you were making a phone call, and enter the code you received during Step 2. On most Omnia II phones, the code is: #7465625*638*#. Press “Call” as if you were placing a call. The Omnia will process the unlock code and unlock itself.…

Kentucky Storms, Weather Cause Phone Outages for Thousands of “877” and “866” Phone Numbers

Kentucky Storms, Weather Cause Phone Outages for Thousands of “877” and “866” Phone Numbers

Due to a storm in Kentucky, thousands of “877” and “866” numbers are no longer working. This has not only led to the inability for companies to receive phone calls, it has created an even larger problems with credit card processing companies.

According to Cynergy Data, the storm in Kentucky knocked out fiber optic lines that process the thousands of “877” and “866” phone numbers made every day. Cynergy Data claimed these lines may be down for several days. This may have negative effects on businesses especially small businesses who are already struggling in our lagging economy.

As a small business owner I first noticed my credit card and food stamp machines not working early Wednesday afternoon. Several phone calls to my credit card processing company and to the phone company resulted in both claiming innocence and bewilderment.

Talking to the neighboring business owners I discovered their ability to process credit card transactions had ended as well. The phone company repair man, upon showing up to try to fix the problem, thinking it was isolated to our store, claimed that many businesses across the area were calling and complaining of the inability to process credit cards.

The phone company repair man, despite saying that many stores were having the same issue still said it had to be the credit card processing company. We knew this was impossible because food stamps and credit cards are processed by different processing companies in our store. We also use a different processing company than our neighboring businesses do.

The inability to process credit cards has already cost our small grocery store hundreds of dollars, especially in food stamp purchases. The outage also affected our low income customers who rely on food stamps to put food on the dinner table. It was hard to watch these customers leave their carts of food unpaid for wondering how they were going to pay for the food they needed to feed their families.

As the economy has worsened I have seen more and more customers paying for their food on credit cards or food stamps. This credit and debit card processing outage could mean that the economy as a whole will suffer.

Consumers who are planning on shopping may want to bring back up cash, as your local store may not be able to take credit or debit cards for the next few days.


Numerous phone calls with Cynergy Data and the Embarq phone company.…

Best Phone Recovery Tools for Android

Best Phone Recovery Tools for Android

When you lose your phone, it’s a nigthmare. Where did I live it? At home? In the car? Did it fell of the street? Was it stolen? You can get your Android back by using some recovery tools. There are all types of services that will allow you to track and find where your phone is and hopefully get it back.

Best Phone Recovery Tools for Android: SeekDroid

This is a nice and simple utility to help you find your android. And the bast part is almost free! It costs only $0.99. The application allows you find you device by tracking it on Google map. You will also be able to lock it remotely lock it. If you have set up SeekDroid you can also make sound an alarm and display a message to return the phone. Once you have realised you have lost your Android you manage everything from the SeekDroid Web site.

Best Phone Recovery Tools for Android: Where’s My Droid

If you really want a free phone recovery tool for your Android this it!. Where’s My Droid is a completely free utility that “finds” a lost Android phone very easily. It has two modes: one to search your phone in your home and another one to find it if you have lost it out of your home. In the first mode it allows you to make sound and alarm to locate your droid. In the second mode it allows to use the phone GPS capabilities to locate it on a map. You can send message to be displayed on your lost phone so a good Samaritan can return it to you..

Best Phone Recovery Tools for Android: Prey

This service will cost between $5 to 399 per month depending on number of phones you wish to protect. Is an anti theft application. Once you realize your phone is lost or if you get robbed you simply send a text message with an activation phrase. Prey will deactivate your phone automatically and send periodical updates on its location.

These are three of Best Phone Recovery Tools for Android. Now is your turn, leave a comment. What do you think should be included additionally in this post?…

How to Tether an Android Gingerbread Smartphone to a Laptop Via Bluetooth

How to Tether an Android Gingerbread Smartphone to a Laptop Via Bluetooth

As mobile carriers roll out more advanced mobile data networks, including the current 4G, which delivers wireless data Internet speeds comparable to cable broadband, many users are shirking their wired Internet connections and tethering their cell phones to their laptops instead. Tethering is the act of connecting a cell phone to a computer so that it functions as a modem. Once connected, you can then access the Internet on your laptop via your cell phone. While most tethering apps require the phone to be physically connected to the laptop via a USB cable, you can use a simple app to connect via Bluetooth instead, turning your Android smartphone into a Wi-Fi router.

Step 1: Turn on your Android smartphone and tap the “Google Play” icon, which is the new replacement for the previous “Marketplace” icon. This will open the Google Play (Marketplace) store. Tap the button with the picture of a magnifying glass located in the top right-side of the screen. Type “PDANet” into the search field, then tap the magnifying glass button again to find the app.

Step 2: Tap the “PDANet” listing when it appears in the search results. Once the app’s page opens, tap “Download.” PDANet is free for the first 14 days, at which point you must pay for the app. You’ll receive a notification at the top of your smartphone when the app has downloaded and been installed.

Step 3: Open the list of applications on your phone and select “PDANet.” The app will open. Tap “Turn on Bluetooth DUN.” If Bluetooth is currently disabled on your phone, the app will prompt you to enable it. Once Bluetooth is enabled, PDANet will attempt to connect with your Bluetooth-enabled laptop for 120 seconds.

Step 4: Click the “Wireless Networks” icon on the bottom right-side of the Windows taskbar on your computer. Select “Dial-Up” connection. You will have to set up the connection for the first time. Select your wireless carrier and enter your phone number into the appropriate text fields when prompted, then click “Connect.” The computer will dial into the phone as if it were a dial-up modem. Once dialed in, you will be connected to the Internet n your computer via your smartphone’s data connection and Bluetooth. 

How to Tether an Android Gingerbread Smartphone to a Laptop Via Bluetooth

As mobile carriers roll out more advanced mobile data networks, including the current 4G, which delivers wireless data Internet speeds comparable to cable broadband, many users are shirking their wired Internet connections and tethering their cell phones to their laptops instead. Tethering is the act of connecting a cell phone to a computer so that it functions as a modem. Once connected, you can then access the Internet on your laptop via your cell phone. While most tethering apps require the phone to be physically connected to the laptop via a USB cable, you can use a simple app …

LG KF900 Prada II Phone – Product Review

LG KF900 Prada II Phone – Product Review

LG Electronics is considered as one of the leading manufacturers in the mobile phone industry and has introduced a number of advanced handsets that can compete with the best models available today. The company undoubtedly has proven their competitive edge when they partnered with premier fashion house Prada to produce an iconic phone. Following the success of its first designer handset, LG now has unveiled the sexy and fashionable LG KF900 Prada II.

The LG KF900 Prada II, or simply called LG Prada 2, is a touchscreen mobile phone boasting a slide-out QWERTY keypad. The physical appearance is stylish and gorgeous enough to amaze potential buyers. It has a pretty huge screen of superb quality that combines well with the touchscreen functionality. In addition to its attractive looks, the LG KF900 Prada II also has many substantial features, including a built-in 5 mega-pixel camera. However, the image quality of the camera is only average. The LG KF900 is a Quad-band GSM phone which means it supports all GSM frequencies.

In terms of connectivity, the LG KF900 Prada II supports Wi-Fi and HSDPA for high-speed web browsing. Users will find the browser easy to use and locate in the phone menu. The Internet functionality is also highly-rated. The LG KF900 Prada II also comes with a music player with high quality sound and excellent radio feature. The touchscreen application makes it easy to scroll through the play-list and choose one’s favorite tunes.

There are some disadvantages to the LG KF900 Prada II. For instance, the QWERTY keyboard is immensely usable but the pads could have been more defined, while the phone casing is susceptible to fingerprints which can really be annoying to some users. The LG KF900 Prada II also does not include a headphone jack but users will be given a free adapter. Another drawback is that it does not have a GPS. Also, if you are browsing on the and you will be not able to access flash site because the phone does not have a flash supported browser.

Overall, the LG KF900 Prada II is highly recommended for those who want the best and most of up-to-date mobile technology, along with functionality. The provider has obviously acknowledged the issues on their first designer model and made improvements. The new fashionable handset is believed to be one of the best touch-enabled phones in the market, so it is worthy of consideration.…

I Need a Phone Number for Help Me with My Moral Dilemna, Please!

I Need a Phone Number for Help Me with My Moral Dilemna, Please!

I am facing a moral dilemma. I bought my boyfriend an Izzy booklight for Christmas. I ordered it at on December 18 and it never arrived. I decided someone must have stolen if from our porch or it was simply lost in the mail.

I logged in to Amazon in early January, found a phone number listed in the My Account section and called to explain the situation. They said they would send me another one, no questions asked. It arrived a few days later.

Now, this is where the dilemma comes into play. Last week the original Izzy turned up! Apparently, our usual mail person was away during the holidays and her sub was horrible. As a result, the Amazon box was misplaced.

I went back on Amazon, but I can’t find the phone number for the life of me. I’m afraid that if I just keep the light, the guilt will tear me to pieces. At the same time, I don’t know how to give it back or pay for it if I can’t contact Amazon.

So, I leave it in your hands. Post your comments below. What should I do?…

Drivel – A Multi-system Blog Client for Linux

Drivel – A Multi-system Blog Client for Linux

Today I’ll review a neat piece of software called Drivel. Drivel, which to be honest is a bit intentionally demeaning, is a desktop client for Linux to allow users to post their thoughts and feelings (drivel?), to any number of different blogs. Designed for the Gnome Linux desktop environment, I’ve found Drivel to be a simple, easy-to-use client that has a lot of features that I would want in a blog application, plus some I’d never use but other people definitely would.

First of all, is Drivel for you? If you post to an Advogato, Atom (Blogger 2.0), Blogger 1.0, LiveJournal or Movable Type blog, then the answer is ‘yes!’ Drivel supports all those blog types out of the box. In addition, any blog systems based on one of these will work as well, such as WordPress and Drupal, although they may need a bit of tweaking to work correctly.

If you have a couple different blogs, or are sharing your computer with someone who has a blog as well, you can both use Drivel. Just set up both accounts, then when one of you wants to post, log into the correct one. Or, if you’re the only person who’ll be using Drivel, and you only have one blog, you can set it up to remember your password and automatically log in whenever you start up the program.

Once you’ve logged in, Drivel presents you with a completely empty blog window, with the name of your blog at the top. By default, you will be able to write the post, edit the subject line, and determine whether or not the post is public, private, or friends-only. If you click the little triangle at the bottom of the window, you’ll reveal even more options, such as spots where you can input your mood, the music you’re listening to, and more. You can turn off commenting for a particular post, tell Drivel NOT to auto-format your text, and select a different picture. You can also back-date a post.

Like any good 21st century client, Drivel allows for certain html formatting, such as bold, italic, underline, strikethrough, superscript and subscript, and also can create lists. You can indent text to set off a quote, and can also insert a link, picture and (assuming your account permits it), a poll as well.

When you’re ready to post, simply hit the Post button at the bottom of the window, and your post will be sent off and within seconds, your thoughts will be posted for all to see. Or, if you don’t think the world is quite ready for your latest tome on Britney’s underwear, or lack of, or the latest gossip about Hollywood celebrities, athletes in trouble with the law or the big movie busts of the summer, Drivel can simply save your post as a draft until you’re ready to unleash your thoughts on an unsuspecting public.

Drivel does more than just post to your …