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Sony Ericsson S500i Phone: Brings New Light and Color

Sony Ericsson S500i Phone: Brings New Light and Color

The phone is design to copy nature, a thin slider, that when opened revealing the colorful features an different theme displays. The user can chose to change the internal themes and light effects any time he wishes, once the seasons change, when a day passes, or when a weekend starts.

“The details make these phones different. Our designers have been inspired by nature and the northern light when creating priceless living phones. They address people with a strong personality, that think well before picking a phone.”, explains Steve Walker, Head of Product Marketing at Sony Ericsson.

The Mysterious Green and Spring Yellow colors offer the S500i a living design. The hidden lighting is added to attract attention about an important event, and the keyboard delivers energy when the thin slider opens.

The 2.0 Mega-pixel camera offers the possibility of taking high quality photos, that can be immediately posted on the Internet. The photos or the short movies can be sent to any other mobile phone or e-mail address.

S500i also contains a media player, and a Memory Stick slot. The device allows attaching a media device such as the Music Bluetooth Receiver MBR-100, also the music on the phone can be played using your home stereo. The phone contains 3D games and allows a comfortable Internet experience.

S500i has everything you need in order to connect to a Personal Computer of Laptop, this way your favorite music can be transfered from your computer directly to the mobile phone using the Sony Ericsson Disc2Phone software.

The images can be downloaded from the mobile phone to a computer with out the need of any software, the mobile phone shows up as a drive on your computer when connected.

Finally, the device has a Bluetooth 2.0 port, offering a fast connection to other Bluetooth devices, such as the T650.