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Mobile Phone Beginners! Be an Expert Now!

So you just bought your first mobile phone! Congratulations for that. I can understand the queries that your mind is going through right now. I still remember my first experience with a mobile phone. I did not know even to unlock the keypad. Slowly with time and practice I got familiar with the concepts and features. I know that, in any case, you do not want to wait to unleash and utilize the features of your new mobile phone. So I am here to help you out. Rest assured.

First of all you need to understand the difference between your home phone (more commonly a landline phone) and the mobile phone. Both can be used to make phone calls to your near and dear ones. So where is the difference? It just seems to be a vague question at the first go. But it is not. There is a long list of differences between the two. You must be aware about the features of a landline phone. It can be used to make calls, it is not at all portable, used by any member of the family, etc, etc.

Now let me introduce you with the most basic functions which your new mobile phone will offer you. Get ready to be amazed at the things you were missing in your life till now! But finally you are going to enjoy these very soon right after going through the following section.

SMS: Abbreviation for Short Message Service. Do you remember it when you called one of your friends from other city to deliver an important message and they could not answer your call. So what did you do next? Most probably you kept trying their phone over and over again till the time they could have a talk with you. Wasn't that too embarrassing? Yes it was! So what else you could have done? Here comes SMS to our rescue. It is delivered in written form from one mobile phone to other. You write your message, add the number of the person to whom SMS is to be sent and send it. Its just that simple. You would need not stuck up with your landline phone if you had a mobile phone at that time. But no worries! From now onwards, you can use this.I know you can not just wait to send your first SMS. But before you send your first SMS, why not get yourself acquainted with some other great options!

Calendar And Clock: Will your birthday fall on a Sunday this year? Probably you do not know the answer. So how you are going to check it! Going to your room to check the calendar? You need not do that. No! I am not going to teach you any magical calculations. But your phone can magically show it to you. That is what calendar built in your phone does. Check any day and date at ease. Tired of wearing a watch to keep a check on your schedule? Leave it at home. Your mobile is your watch. You can watch time from your mobile phone.

Alarms And Reminders: How it felt to forget the birthday of a dear one? Yeah! that was a bad experience. Now you will never ever forget the birthday of anyone, even your maid!!! No, do not stress your nerves. You will not forget because you will need not remember any. Your mobile phone can do it for you. You just need to set reminders for birthdays, important meetings, timings of your favorite television shows, and other events and it will always remind you to act. So cool. You mobile is also a stress reliever. Right?

Games: When it comes to entertainment, nothing can beat gaming. And when it comes to portable gaming, nothing can beat mobile phones. You can now play games anywhere and at anytime when you want to. Such a good friend your mobile is! It will not be wrong to say that your mobile phone is more of a friend than being a mere gadget. Soon you will also be addicted to this new friend. So just explore your new life with your new mobile phone. But beware of the excessive use.

That was just a glimpse of the very basic needs you can satisfy with your mobile phone. You will soon get to see the advanced features and their optimum use to make your life simpler and better. Mobile phones offer us a great deal of support, comfort and joy in our life. Consequently, it becomes important for us to know better about this friend of 21st century.