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Metro PCS Cell Phone Service Review

Metro PCS Cell Phone Service Review

I recently switched cell phone providers thinking that Metro PCS would give me a better deal. I’ve seen Metro PCS posted on billboards and online advertisements stating that their cheapeast phone plan with unlimited local calling and text is only $30 a month. I figured I would try it out since it sounded like something that might fit my budget.

I decided to sign up for the $35 a month plan because it included unlimited long distance calling and texts. After taxes, it turns out to be about $43 a month. While first trying to activate my phone, the customer service was not very good. Apparently they had a problem with the computer system and they told me I had to go to a Metro PCS store to have it activated. I understand that problems can happen and I was very patient and courteous about it. 
I decided just to wait a couple hours and call back. The lady on the phone was very hard to understand because of her accent and I had difficulty understanding how to activate the phone. Finally, the computer systems were running so she was able to activate the phone.

After a week or so of using the phone, I noticed some defects. While I am texting to someone, it sometimes says “message failed”. Then there are times when I send a text message and the recipient will not receive the text message until the next day. It also messes up the times that the messages are sent. I called Metro PCS to explain the situation. I was hung up on several times in an attempt to speak to a human customer service representative. I spent about two hours on the phone trying to speak to someone. I called from both my house phone and my cell phone. Each time I called, I was hung up on. So, needless to say, the customer service is very poor.

After many attempts, I was able to reach a man who explained to me that I cannot return the phone because I had already used it for one hour of airtime. Well, if that is their policy, then fine. I did not complain to him. I barely could understand his accent. It makes it difficult when it’s hard to communicate.

After a few weeks of having this phone, I am realizing that I made a bad mistake by switching to Metro PCS. I do like that there is no contract and that your first month of service is free, but I’ve done research and have heard from other people that there are much better cell phone service providers out there that do not require a contract to sign up for their service.

Here is another negative thing about Metro PCS. You have a few options to pay your bill. One of the options is going to the store to pay directly. I went to the store to pay directly and they charged me $3 extra to pay in person. Then, in order to pay by credit card, they charge you $2 for that transaction. Therefore I was added an extra $5 to my bill. So that brought the price to $49. This phone service is definetly not worth $49.

For $35 a month, you only get long distance unlimited text and calling. You don’t even get caller ID or voicemail. I am switching again this month to a better service. I’ve read that for $35 with another service, I can get Caller ID, voicemail and unlimited long distance text and calling. I think I should start calling them now. That’s if Metro PCS will ever answer the phone to allow me to cancel my plan. I guess I’ll have to go to the store to do that, if that’s the case. I wonder if I’ll get charged to cancel if I do it in the store?

All in all, Metro PCS has been unsatisfactory to me. I would rate the phone and service on a scale of 1-10, 10 being ‘best’ as a 3. I give it a 3 because I do like the first month free, no contract and the phone I bought was inexpensive (about $60) and it is a very attractive and slim phone that fits easily in my purse and doesn’t take up much room. I prefer service over appearance though, so I’d rather have a less attractive phone with better service.

I know of other people who have made the switch from Metro PCS to another phone company due to similiar reasons. They have told me that the service was not good and that I should also make the switch before I keep ending up paying for something that I am not satisified with.

I really do not like to complain as I am a pretty laidback person who is very understanding. Hopefully, Metro PCS will improve their phone service so that they can gain a better reputation.

4. Mytouch 3g

– T-mobile’s quick answer to the Iphone, the 3g features an improved app store and easy to use interface. Although the original that came on the market lacked a 3.5 mm jack for headphones, the company was able to incorporate this feature in the “fender” edition of the device. At a reasonable $150.00, the Mytouch offers a 3.2” display and compact design. The weight of this device is only 4.1 ounces, compared to the T-mobile G1’s weight of 5.1 ounces. The only drawback is the lack of memory on the device compared to similar phones on the market, which can make some apps run a bit slow at times. However, it is a great phone for those craving a smartphone, but do not want to spend several hundred dollars. Overall, a great buy, good interface, and its compact size make it number four on the list. This phone can also be purchased at T-mobile stores nationwide.

3. HTC Google Nexus One

– HTC introduced this phone early 2010, and boasted its appeal with a large 3.7” display, which is larger than the Iphone’s 3.5″ display. What set this android phone apart from the rest is its massive 1 GHz processor via Qualcomm Snapdragon brand chip. Although it lacks some multi-touch features and Outlook calendar synching, this phone has a great media player. They only point preventing this from being higher on the list is the overall price. With a two-year T-mobile contract, it’s a reasonable $180, but the unlocked version will cost approximately $530.

2. Motorola Droid

– Verizon changed the game of Android phones by introducing the Droid. The Droid features a stylish and easily utilized physical keyboard, which many other similar phones lack in the current marketplace. The phone features a large 3.7″ display and offers great web browsing features. The only minor issue of the phone is the granny pictures from the camera at times. If taking pictures on your phone is not an issue, then this is a great Android phone. The phone is currently sold thru Verizon, and is priced at $200 with a two-year agreement.

1. Motorola Cliq

– This is the dream phone for any social-networking junkie. By far, this is the best overall Android phone in areas of interface, price, and features. The phone is offered thru T-mobile for approximately $200 with a two-year contract, and it features both a touch screen and physical keyboard. Although the phone weighs in at 5.7 ounces, the phone is not overwhelmingly heavy. It features a very compact design for its size, and feature Motoblur. This software allows users to receive constant updates from social-networking sites such as facebook, myspace, and twitter. This is the ideal phone for anybody on the go, but still wants to keep up on all aspects of social-networking. This phone is available at Verizon stores across the country.