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Extending Battery Life of Your Android Phone

Extending Battery Life of Your Android Phone

Power-hungry GPS, large and brighter screens, thinner designs, faster dual-core processors are just but a few of the modern Android phone`s designs that make its battery deplete so quickly. However, with a few tips and tricks, you can succeed in extending battery life of your Android phone.

1. Automatic brightness 
Setting the display brightness to adjust automatically will allow the operating system to dim in darker environment thus saving on energy.

2. Switch off extra features

Keep unnecessary hardware features off while not in use. Features such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS and more, consumes extra power that can be saved.

3. Disable widgets

Dump unnecessary live wallpapers and widgets. Some of these constantly pull updates from the background and keep consuming power.

4. Reduce applications that pull information regularly

Reduce applications that consistently pull information such as Facebook, email, twitter and the rest. You can change the settings to manual and always activate them when necessary or when there is a new message in the inbox.

5. Stay up to date

Keep applications updated. Up to date application use less power. Check to always confirm that all get automatic updating from the internet.

6. Disable flash

Adobe Flash is set to load flash content from the web and therefore keeps connecting to the internet which consumes power for no reason. You can adjust the settings from the Internet browser`s menu.

7. Adjust RSS feeds frequency

Default settings of some third-party application keeps checking for updates constantly in the background without indicating the cost on the battery life.

8. Check the signal strength 
Stationing in an area with low signal strength will over work the phone as it keeps trying to latch onto enough cellular signal which will cost extra power.

These are some of realistic ways of extending battery life of your Android phone rather than putting it off or charging it multiple times a day.