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Category: Technology

Want Work at Home Jobs? Create Self Employment Opportunities

Is it easier to create self employment opportunities, or hold out for work at home jobs to find the path to independence and success? For many professionals, it’s worth it to try both avenues in hopes of reaching the goal of self-sufficiency and self employment. Work at home jobs don’t always come along at the right time, so learn how to create opportunities where needed.

Self employment can actually be achieved by anyone who isn’t afraid of a little risk and instability. Sometimes, work at home jobs just don’t seem to be there, or they just don’t seem attainable. Waiting for self employment opportunities can be exhausting, but there are ways to gain success even when the work at home job well seems to run dry.

Work at Home Jobs

Want work at home jobs? The problem is, so does everyone else (or at least, that’s how it seems when it’s time to start applying). Competition is fierce in self employment, with many candidates vying for few positions. The traditional method of finding self employment opportunities is scouring the Internet for job boards that promise freelance, telecommuting and work at home positions.

But sometimes, they just aren’t there. Learn how to create work at home and self employment opportunities to compensate.



Self Employment Opportunities

Work at home jobs hard to find? Money getting a little thin? Thinking about chucking the idea of self employment and combing through the classifieds for a nice, safe clerical job somewhere? Don’t give up on work at home opportunities just yet; there might be a way to force an employer’s hand.

Create self employment opportunities by finding the right market. Graphic designers may comb the Web for underdeveloped pages, while product writers might search out online catalogs that could use a little help with their copy. Transcriptionists can look to local businesses; people with services or products to sell can look for new markets both online and close to home.

Once these potential customers are found, it’s time to get to work on creating some self employment opportunities. Let them know what they’re missing by sending samples that have been custom-designed for their business and/or Web site. Send a cover letter which features these samples and offers all pertinent information (contact numbers, price, etc.). This type of solicitation may not always work, but when it does it’s well worth the time and effort. Even when this doesn’t lead to steady work at home, it can create self employment opportunities just by providing a little self-promotion, which is very important in self employment.…

How to Find or Advertise a Microjob

Microjobs are small jobs that require few resources to perform and generate a reasonable profit for the effort. Finding and advertising a microjob should involve using inexpensive or free services that don't detract from the profit made by the microjob.

Use Personal Networks to Advertise

Telling people what services are available, especially to people with many friends or contacts in the industry, also known as "networking", is the easiest, cheapest and simplest way to get clients. Just have the courage to speak up in a suitable forum. A worker mentioning in a staff meeting that she is moonlighting in a microjob is not appropriate, but bringing a diaper bag that she has made to a bridal shower and generating a conversation about baby accessories is appropriate.

Twitter for Microjobs

Other articles, such as Daniel Gansle's article, "Ten Twitter Must Follows for the Job Seeker" focus on Twitter for the general job search, but Twitter is also a powerhouse to list and find microjobs. Simply joining Twitter and searching the tweets for the keywords "job" and the offered service, will turn up some opportunities. Other people have had luck listing the name of the service they offer and the city code, usually the local airport code, to advertise their services. Twitter can get fed directly to a subscriber's cell phone and since subscribing to a Twitter feed is voluntary, it escape the stigma of spam.

Using Posters to Sell Services



Deciding what to spend on advertising should not cost more than a person would make on the job. Printing up fifty color posters when it will take ten jobs to pay for defeats the "minimal resources use" priniciple of microjobs. Start small and let the jobs pay for the advertising.

Some people, such as pet sitters or handyman services, may find that putting posters up in a high traffic area like a grocery store, coffee shop or community center is enough to find clients. Other people working microjobs find that they need to list their services online or make their own website with the items or services they offer for sale directly from the site.

Find Microjobs on Freelancing Websites

Freelance websites, such as iFreelance and Virtual Vocations, are good sources of microjobs for writers, web workers and programmers, though it helps to be discriminating to get the best jobs. Some of the freelance sites also charge the person who applies to the job, not the job poster, to use the site, so make sure the jobs offered on the freelance site will pay for the cost of joining.

Classified Advertising



Advertising in a newspaper, even in a small community or commuter newspaper, can be expensive. However, running an online ad in a relevant publication can get an ad directly to the person who needs the service. so it can be worth the expense. Look for newspapers that have an online presence and that run any print ad that appears on their website as well to get …

Online Video Game Rental Tips

There are a few different websites which allow you to rent video games online, and they will mail them out to your home for you to play. Once you are done with a video game, you just mail it back to them, which is prepaid shipping, and they will send you another video game of your choice. It is a great option to be able to try more games without having to purchase them.

Spend some time research the different companies that are available for you to choose from. Take the time to read their terms and conditions to see which one will be right for you. Some offer different kinds of free trials so that you can try out their services before you start paying to rent from them. It pays to research before you sign up.

See where the company is located, and where their warehouses are located. This will make a difference in shipping time, and if they are across the country, it may take some time for your video game rentals to arrive. It is a good sign if they have warehouses that they ship out of in many places because you know that you will get faster service.

Check out the different plans available to choose from. Most vary in price, and it typically depends on how many video games you would like out at a time. If you have a lot of family members in the house that enjoy playing video games, you may opt for a larger plan. If you are looking for an online video game rental for the occasional family night, a smaller plan would be your best bet.

Find online reviews of different online video game rentals to hear real life experiences of these companies. There are pros and cons to all of them, and you need to choose which one is right for you. If you spend the time to do the research it will pay off.

Online video game rentals are a great way to rent the video games that you want without having to go to the store and hope they have the one you want. It is also a lot more inexpensive than purchasing video games. It is a way to try a video game before you purchase it, just to make sure it is a video game that you will enjoy and play for a long time. Online video game rentals are becoming more and more popular everyday.



Tech Tutorials: How to Find Free GPS Apps

These days if you are an avid runner, you know that there is a huge market for running accessories. From your feet to your head, athletic apparel companies are trying to compete to cover you with the sleekest clothing that also proves beneficial during a long or short run. That is why when runners get a chance to save a little money on a product for their favorite hobby, they should do it! Technology is playing an increasing role in how we track each and every one of our runs. It can help us overcome mental hurdles and increase our best times. If you are a runner and have a smart phone, then today I am going to tell you why you need the Endomondo App.

Let me tell you the best part of this app to start out: It's free! While there is a fancier Endomondo app that you can upgrade to, for most runners their lite version does enough to satisfy. There are many other run tracker apps that do many of the same things the Endomondo app does but at a cost.

Endomondo tracks your mileage for you and their GPS tracker is very reliable. I have found sometimes it is a little slow to recognize when you turn around, but other than that, its' precision is spot on. There is also a feature next to miles traveled that tells you your time and calories burned. A great feature of this app is that a narrator pops up at the end of every mile you run. It gives you your overall time and your lap time. At the end of every run, it shows you a general map of the path you took and a complete breakdown of your entire run. Finally, there is also a social aspect to Endomondo. You can add friends and do other networking type things, but I have yet to fool around with that feature yet.

Endomondo also offers rewards and prizes the more miles that you claim. Much more information about this topic is listed on their website, There are plenty of GPS run trackers out there, but I have yet to find any that compare to the overall value of the free Endomondo app for the iPhone.



Technology and Knowledge Divide America

With President Bush's No Child Left Behind Act receiving so much attention the last five years an increasing divide is shaping between high school graduates across the country. High school graduates can be categorized into three distinct categories: those that are technologically fluent, those that are technologically literate, and those that are technologically illiterate. These terms have nothing to do with reading and everything to do with understanding and using technology in the modern workplace and learning environment.

When I began college in the mid-90s, email was just beginning to penetrate college campuses and students were receiving email addresses. My first ever email address was [email protected], at that time we had no idea how far technology would push into our lives. Most students saw computers as a luxury item, so most students used labs like the TigerLAN computer labs on the campus of the University of Memphis or the computer learning centers on the campus of Rutgers University.

However, in the last ten years, a major push in integrating technology in the classroom has begun and most students are expected to not only be able to use a word processor program like Microsoft Word and a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel but presentation software like Microsoft PowerPoint and creative software like Adobe's Illustrator. The problem arises when college students arrive on campus having never created a PowerPoint presentation or created a database in Microsoft's Access database software application.

This puts some students at an unfair disadvantage, basically placing them in an environment where some students are speaking one language (albeit it an information technology one) and some completely unfamiliar with it. The contention is that this is an issue based on economics and can be sorted out on college campuses around the country. That thought is faulty because a college professor at Rutgers does not have time to tech a 19-year old how to create their first web page when other students have web sites, photo albums and blogs.

In effect, a class workforce has been created based on technological competency. With people having typed letters for years, adjusting to a word processor program is a small adjustment. On the other hand, introducing a college student to tabbed browsing, favorites menus, and other technologies is an all together different equation entirely. When Peter Drucker, the management guru coined the term knowledge worker in the late-1950s, I know he had no idea what a knowledge worker would become. Today we call them information literate knowledge workers and technology literate knowledge workers. These individuals use information and technology universally in the workplace and are perfectly situated for the modern work environment. The problem is, as America and the world moves to an even more technology and information driven economy, the divide between the literate and illiterate will balloon even moreso than the differences experienced today. By comparison, a literate knowledge or technology worker can expect to make between $15-20,000 more than an illiterate one. On the other hand, in twenty years that …

Are Smart Homes Making Us Lazy?

Smart home technology is seeing tremendous development day after day. All of the homes which had been built earlier are now being converted into smart homes. Day by day the tasks that seemed mundane to us are getting replaced by technology. Most of these technologies are being developed to make the life of humans convenient in more ways than one. Some of these technologies are being developed to minimise the use of natural resources such as water. A complete smart home is still a dream which is far fetched, but we can soon see something like that in our future. A fully functional smart home is the one in which the home appliances communicate with each other and they coherently complete all the mundane tasks of the house. Here, we will tell you about the appliances which are a part of the smart home and will see if they are making us lazier.

  1. Smart thermostat


All that you need to do with this appliance is program the temperature of the house just once. This temperature can be then adjusted throughout the day to maintain a constant temperature in the house and decrease or increase it depending upon you are sleeping or working or doing any other activity. You can decrease it while you leave for work and can increase it back once you are back home. This helps in reducing the amount of electricity consumption, which is in a way good for the environment. This appliance in no way makes the user lazier.

  1. Smart locks

Smart locks can be installed in he indoors of a house and can open or close according to the will of a person, just by using a smartphone. If a person goes to work and accidentally leaves her or his door open then she or he can very easily close it back with the help of her or his smartphone without needing to travel back to the house. This appliance might make the user a bit lazier as it can reduce the need for remembering to carry the keys with yourself wherever you go, but on the other side it will also keep your house safe as well as secure.

  1. Amazon Echo

If there’s one appliance for the smart home, which can make a person lazier, it’s probably this one. This is a smart speaker that can be placed anywhere in the house. The Amazon Echo can interact with all the smart devices which have been installed in your house. The best part about the Amazon Echo is that it is controlled by the voice of the user. With the help of his or her voice, the user can very easily do petty chores such as set alarms, mark calendar dates, play music, ask questions, etc. If used judiciously this appliance has got a wide variety of uses.

There is a possibility that the smart home with all its appliances can make a person lazy for sure. These gadgets are also pretty useful. Finally, …

Kentucky Storms, Weather Cause Phone Outages for Thousands of “877” and “866” Phone Numbers

Kentucky Storms, Weather Cause Phone Outages for Thousands of “877” and “866” Phone Numbers

Due to a storm in Kentucky, thousands of “877” and “866” numbers are no longer working. This has not only led to the inability for companies to receive phone calls, it has created an even larger problems with credit card processing companies.

According to Cynergy Data, the storm in Kentucky knocked out fiber optic lines that process the thousands of “877” and “866” phone numbers made every day. Cynergy Data claimed these lines may be down for several days. This may have negative effects on businesses especially small businesses who are already struggling in our lagging economy.

As a small business owner I first noticed my credit card and food stamp machines not working early Wednesday afternoon. Several phone calls to my credit card processing company and to the phone company resulted in both claiming innocence and bewilderment.

Talking to the neighboring business owners I discovered their ability to process credit card transactions had ended as well. The phone company repair man, upon showing up to try to fix the problem, thinking it was isolated to our store, claimed that many businesses across the area were calling and complaining of the inability to process credit cards.

The phone company repair man, despite saying that many stores were having the same issue still said it had to be the credit card processing company. We knew this was impossible because food stamps and credit cards are processed by different processing companies in our store. We also use a different processing company than our neighboring businesses do.

The inability to process credit cards has already cost our small grocery store hundreds of dollars, especially in food stamp purchases. The outage also affected our low income customers who rely on food stamps to put food on the dinner table. It was hard to watch these customers leave their carts of food unpaid for wondering how they were going to pay for the food they needed to feed their families.

As the economy has worsened I have seen more and more customers paying for their food on credit cards or food stamps. This credit and debit card processing outage could mean that the economy as a whole will suffer.

Consumers who are planning on shopping may want to bring back up cash, as your local store may not be able to take credit or debit cards for the next few days.


Numerous phone calls with Cynergy Data and the Embarq phone company.…

How to Increase the Battery Life of Your Phone

How to Increase the Battery Life of Your Phone

Are you sick of your phone running out of battery when you need it most? Ready to make an important phone call, but can’t because your phone screen is blank and you’re not even able to turn it on?

I’ve had this problem, as I’ve been working with a Razr V3m.

As with most razrs, the v3m has horrible battery life. I can typically expect to talk on my phone for about an hour before the battery goes completely dead. Of course the manufaturer doesn’t recognize this and claims that the phone has 2-4 hours battery life as far as talk-time goes. However, I have never seen this and don’t plan on the phone ever meeting this standard.

Anyways, you have to know that there really are a few ways to fix this. Battery life can really get you down. Don’t let it, fix it!

Get a New Phone 
This is definitely not the best option as far as extended your battery life goes, but it’s definitely an option. Some phones just plain-out stink for battery life. There isn’t much of an alternative but to either buy more batteries, or buy a more battery efficient phone.

Update Phone Software 
Often times, phone software is updated. My Razr v3m battery life greatly increased with a new update recently. You can usually find phone software updates somewhere within the settings menu of your phone. If you need more help with updating the software of your phone, I recommend calling the manufaturer or servicde provider.

Update Service Towers 
Sometimes finding service is horrible on the battery. Turning your phone off and then on in sequence can re establish a better connection with towers, as well as update the connection. Different service providers have different methods of resetting the tower updates. I’d recommend calling your service provider for the best answer possible.

Get New or Extended Batteries 
You’ll find that when you go to buy a phone battery from your manufacturer or your service provider, the prices are huge. They’ll range anywhere from 30-60 bucks. 
Online, you can get extended life batteries, which can even hold twice the charge that the manufacturer-grade batteries do, for around 10 bucks.

Ebay is a great place to do this. Buy off brand batteries. They function, charge, and hold charges the same. They typically are just bigger and will last much longer, for a fraction of the original cost. This is a great way to go!…

I Need a Phone Number for Help Me with My Moral Dilemna, Please!

I Need a Phone Number for Help Me with My Moral Dilemna, Please!

I am facing a moral dilemma. I bought my boyfriend an Izzy booklight for Christmas. I ordered it at on December 18 and it never arrived. I decided someone must have stolen if from our porch or it was simply lost in the mail.

I logged in to Amazon in early January, found a phone number listed in the My Account section and called to explain the situation. They said they would send me another one, no questions asked. It arrived a few days later.

Now, this is where the dilemma comes into play. Last week the original Izzy turned up! Apparently, our usual mail person was away during the holidays and her sub was horrible. As a result, the Amazon box was misplaced.

I went back on Amazon, but I can’t find the phone number for the life of me. I’m afraid that if I just keep the light, the guilt will tear me to pieces. At the same time, I don’t know how to give it back or pay for it if I can’t contact Amazon.

So, I leave it in your hands. Post your comments below. What should I do?…