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Metro PCS Cell Phone Service Review

Metro PCS Cell Phone Service Review

I recently switched cell phone providers thinking that Metro PCS would give me a better deal. I’ve seen Metro PCS posted on billboards and online advertisements stating that their cheapeast phone plan with unlimited local calling and text is only $30 a month. I figured I would try it out since it sounded like something that might fit my budget.

I decided to sign up for the $35 a month plan because it included unlimited long distance calling and texts. After taxes, it turns out to be about $43 a month. While first trying to activate my phone, the customer service was not very good. Apparently they had a problem with the computer system and they told me I had to go to a Metro PCS store to have it activated. I understand that problems can happen and I was very patient and courteous about it. 
I decided just to wait a couple hours and call back. The lady on the phone was very hard to understand because of her accent and I had difficulty understanding how to activate the phone. Finally, the computer systems were running so she was able to activate the phone.

After a week or so of using the phone, I noticed some defects. While I am texting to someone, it sometimes says “message failed”. Then there are times when I send a text message and the recipient will not receive the text message until the next day. It also messes up the times that the messages are sent. I called Metro PCS to explain the situation. I was hung up on several times in an attempt to speak to a human customer service representative. I spent about two hours on the phone trying to speak to someone. I called from both my house phone and my cell phone. Each time I called, I was hung up on. So, needless to say, the customer service is very poor.

After many attempts, I was able to reach a man who explained to me that I cannot return the phone because I had already used it for one hour of airtime. Well, if that is their policy, then fine. I did not complain to him. I barely could understand his accent. It makes it difficult when it’s hard to communicate.

After a few weeks of having this phone, I am realizing that I made a bad mistake by switching to Metro PCS. I do like that there is no contract and that your first month of service is free, but I’ve done research and have heard from other people that there are much better cell phone service providers out there that do not require a contract to sign up for their service.

Here is another negative thing about Metro PCS. You have a few options to pay your bill. One of the options is going to the store to pay directly. I went to the store to pay directly and they charged …

Is Apple’s MobileMe Worth the Money?

Is Apple’s MobileMe Worth the Money?

Apple introduced its MobileMe program to try to capitalize on the success of its iPhone, and within a few months, MobileMe ads began popping up on iTunes for pretty much all iPhone users. This begs the question–what the heck does MobileMe do, and is it really worth a hundred bucks per year?

Here’s a look at the features of Apple’s MobileMe service, and whether it’s really worth the extra cash.

What Is MobileMe? The MobileMe service was designed as an answer to Microsoft’s Exchange service, and through the use of a push function it synchronizes data across multiple computers and devices, including the iPhone. This means that if you update your calendar on your computer, your iPhone instantly and wirelessly updates that data, and vice versa. Email works similarly, and the service also offers proprietary email and file storage abilities.

Storage – Individual users can store up to 20GB of data on the MobileMe service, which allows it to serve as a decent data backup service, but because MobileMe uses http:// instead of https://, there’s a question as to how secure the online storage is. It’s more valuable as a file sharing tool, to send, for instance, videos and pictures to family members–though there are a ton of services online that offer the same features for free.

iPhone Compatibility – MobileMe’s compatibility with the iPhone is one of the best justifications of its cost–since the program was largely designed with the iPhone in mind, this makes sense. As your calendars and other data sync up directly to your iPhone wirelessly, it’s a great organizational tool, and if you ever lose your iPhone (or for that matter, if it’s stolen) you can remotely wipe the iPhone out and use the built in GPS to track its location. This last feature alone justifies the hundred dollar cost to many people, especially if you keep critical or sensitive information on your iPhone and you live in a large city where theft is more probable.

Ultimately, MobileMe is probably not worth $100 unless you’ve got an iPhone, and even then, its worth is largely dependent on how often and thoroughly you use your address book and calendar, and how many devices you use to update your address book and calendar. Save your money unless you’re a dedicated Apple fan that has a seriously difficult time keeping everything in order across your computers and iPhone, or you worry about your personal data should your iPhone get stolen. For others, the MobileMe service, while convenient, simply isn’t there yet.

Do you use Apple’s MobileMe? Post in our comments section below.…

How to Get All the Promos from Steam’s Linux Sale — On a PC or Mac

How to Get All the Promos from Steam’s Linux Sale — On a PC or Mac

My brother once dismissed the whole Linux gaming scene as “minigames about Tux the Penguin.” At the time, he wasn’t far off.

But now Steam has officially arrived on Linux, or at least the Ubuntu-flavored version of it. It’s out of beta, and is available through the Ubuntu Software Center, its equivalent of the App Store. There are more than 50 titles available for it right now, many of them PC or indie smash hits, like CounterStrike: Source and Team Fortress 2.

That’s all well and good, you say. But how can you get in on it if you’re on a Windows PC or a Mac?

Option 1: Buy the games for Windows or Mac

Don’t tell anyone, but you know how it says “Save on all Linux games” on Steam’s page? That doesn’t mean you can only buy the Linux version. It means if you buy those games from Steam, you can use them on any platform Steam runs on.

So if you haven’t picked up, say, the original Half-Life yet, now’s a perfect chance to do so at only $2.49. Same with indie smash hits Bastion, Eversion, and Amnesia: The Dark Descent, or at least they’re priced in that same ballpark.

All of the games in Steam’s “Linux games” sale are also available on Windows PCs. Nearly all work on the Mac OS. Just look at the icons beneath each game’s name, and log in with Steam on a machine running that OS if you want to play it. (In case you can’t tell from the sale banner, the penguin icon is Linux, even though the only “Linux” that Steam supports right now is Ubuntu.)

Option 2: Install Linux yourself

Why would you do this, when the games all run on Windows PCs or Macs? Besides the fact that a lot of people find it fun to try out a new OS, you get a free Tux (Linux penguin) item in Team Fortress 2 if you log in to the free-to-play shooter from Linux. Obviously this isn’t a big incentive if you’re not into Team Fortress 2, but if you are it might be worth it, both for the chance to test out Ubuntu and for completionism’s sake. Besides, everything’s better with penguins.

The Ubuntu home page will explain how to download and install Ubuntu for free. You don’t have to replace your Windows or Mac installation with it; you can instead put it right alongside the existing OS. You’ll want to backup your personal data first, though, if you aren’t already using Time Machine or a similar backup utility. …

Best Phone Recovery Tools for Android

Best Phone Recovery Tools for Android

When you lose your phone, it’s a nigthmare. Where did I live it? At home? In the car? Did it fell of the street? Was it stolen? You can get your Android back by using some recovery tools. There are all types of services that will allow you to track and find where your phone is and hopefully get it back.

Best Phone Recovery Tools for Android: SeekDroid

This is a nice and simple utility to help you find your android. And the bast part is almost free! It costs only $0.99. The application allows you find you device by tracking it on Google map. You will also be able to lock it remotely lock it. If you have set up SeekDroid you can also make sound an alarm and display a message to return the phone. Once you have realised you have lost your Android you manage everything from the SeekDroid Web site.

Best Phone Recovery Tools for Android: Where’s My Droid

If you really want a free phone recovery tool for your Android this it!. Where’s My Droid is a completely free utility that “finds” a lost Android phone very easily. It has two modes: one to search your phone in your home and another one to find it if you have lost it out of your home. In the first mode it allows you to make sound and alarm to locate your droid. In the second mode it allows to use the phone GPS capabilities to locate it on a map. You can send message to be displayed on your lost phone so a good Samaritan can return it to you..

Best Phone Recovery Tools for Android: Prey

This service will cost between $5 to 399 per month depending on number of phones you wish to protect. Is an anti theft application. Once you realize your phone is lost or if you get robbed you simply send a text message with an activation phrase. Prey will deactivate your phone automatically and send periodical updates on its location.

These are three of Best Phone Recovery Tools for Android. Now is your turn, leave a comment. What do you think should be included additionally in this post?…

How to Tether an Android Gingerbread Smartphone to a Laptop Via Bluetooth

How to Tether an Android Gingerbread Smartphone to a Laptop Via Bluetooth

As mobile carriers roll out more advanced mobile data networks, including the current 4G, which delivers wireless data Internet speeds comparable to cable broadband, many users are shirking their wired Internet connections and tethering their cell phones to their laptops instead. Tethering is the act of connecting a cell phone to a computer so that it functions as a modem. Once connected, you can then access the Internet on your laptop via your cell phone. While most tethering apps require the phone to be physically connected to the laptop via a USB cable, you can use a simple app to connect via Bluetooth instead, turning your Android smartphone into a Wi-Fi router.

Step 1: Turn on your Android smartphone and tap the “Google Play” icon, which is the new replacement for the previous “Marketplace” icon. This will open the Google Play (Marketplace) store. Tap the button with the picture of a magnifying glass located in the top right-side of the screen. Type “PDANet” into the search field, then tap the magnifying glass button again to find the app.

Step 2: Tap the “PDANet” listing when it appears in the search results. Once the app’s page opens, tap “Download.” PDANet is free for the first 14 days, at which point you must pay for the app. You’ll receive a notification at the top of your smartphone when the app has downloaded and been installed.

Step 3: Open the list of applications on your phone and select “PDANet.” The app will open. Tap “Turn on Bluetooth DUN.” If Bluetooth is currently disabled on your phone, the app will prompt you to enable it. Once Bluetooth is enabled, PDANet will attempt to connect with your Bluetooth-enabled laptop for 120 seconds.

Step 4: Click the “Wireless Networks” icon on the bottom right-side of the Windows taskbar on your computer. Select “Dial-Up” connection. You will have to set up the connection for the first time. Select your wireless carrier and enter your phone number into the appropriate text fields when prompted, then click “Connect.” The computer will dial into the phone as if it were a dial-up modem. Once dialed in, you will be connected to the Internet n your computer via your smartphone’s data connection and Bluetooth. 

How to Tether an Android Gingerbread Smartphone to a Laptop Via Bluetooth

As mobile carriers roll out more advanced mobile data networks, including the current 4G, which delivers wireless data Internet speeds comparable to cable broadband, many users are shirking their wired Internet connections and tethering their cell phones to their laptops instead. Tethering is the act of connecting a cell phone to a computer so that it functions as a modem. Once connected, you can then access the Internet on your laptop via your cell phone. While most tethering apps require the phone to be physically connected to the laptop via a USB cable, you can use a simple app …

Sony Ericsson S500i Phone: Brings New Light and Color

Sony Ericsson S500i Phone: Brings New Light and Color

The phone is design to copy nature, a thin slider, that when opened revealing the colorful features an different theme displays. The user can chose to change the internal themes and light effects any time he wishes, once the seasons change, when a day passes, or when a weekend starts.

“The details make these phones different. Our designers have been inspired by nature and the northern light when creating priceless living phones. They address people with a strong personality, that think well before picking a phone.”, explains Steve Walker, Head of Product Marketing at Sony Ericsson.

The Mysterious Green and Spring Yellow colors offer the S500i a living design. The hidden lighting is added to attract attention about an important event, and the keyboard delivers energy when the thin slider opens.

The 2.0 Mega-pixel camera offers the possibility of taking high quality photos, that can be immediately posted on the Internet. The photos or the short movies can be sent to any other mobile phone or e-mail address.

S500i also contains a media player, and a Memory Stick slot. The device allows attaching a media device such as the Music Bluetooth Receiver MBR-100, also the music on the phone can be played using your home stereo. The phone contains 3D games and allows a comfortable Internet experience.

S500i has everything you need in order to connect to a Personal Computer of Laptop, this way your favorite music can be transfered from your computer directly to the mobile phone using the Sony Ericsson Disc2Phone software.

The images can be downloaded from the mobile phone to a computer with out the need of any software, the mobile phone shows up as a drive on your computer when connected.

Finally, the device has a Bluetooth 2.0 port, offering a fast connection to other Bluetooth devices, such as the T650.…

The Wrong Phone in the Wrong Place

The Wrong Phone in the Wrong Place

An official of importance wished to make a contribution
When he went to visit someone in a mental institution.
While there he used the telephone to try to make a call,
But it seemed there was a problem, he could not connect at all.
The operator took the brunt of his exasperation,
He shouted at, and blamed her for all his aggravation.
“Do you know who I am?”, he asked, and gave the phone a jar,
“No”, she told him calmly, “But I do know WHERE you are!”…

LG KF900 Prada II Phone – Product Review

LG KF900 Prada II Phone – Product Review

LG Electronics is considered as one of the leading manufacturers in the mobile phone industry and has introduced a number of advanced handsets that can compete with the best models available today. The company undoubtedly has proven their competitive edge when they partnered with premier fashion house Prada to produce an iconic phone. Following the success of its first designer handset, LG now has unveiled the sexy and fashionable LG KF900 Prada II.

The LG KF900 Prada II, or simply called LG Prada 2, is a touchscreen mobile phone boasting a slide-out QWERTY keypad. The physical appearance is stylish and gorgeous enough to amaze potential buyers. It has a pretty huge screen of superb quality that combines well with the touchscreen functionality. In addition to its attractive looks, the LG KF900 Prada II also has many substantial features, including a built-in 5 mega-pixel camera. However, the image quality of the camera is only average. The LG KF900 is a Quad-band GSM phone which means it supports all GSM frequencies.

In terms of connectivity, the LG KF900 Prada II supports Wi-Fi and HSDPA for high-speed web browsing. Users will find the browser easy to use and locate in the phone menu. The Internet functionality is also highly-rated. The LG KF900 Prada II also comes with a music player with high quality sound and excellent radio feature. The touchscreen application makes it easy to scroll through the play-list and choose one’s favorite tunes.

There are some disadvantages to the LG KF900 Prada II. For instance, the QWERTY keyboard is immensely usable but the pads could have been more defined, while the phone casing is susceptible to fingerprints which can really be annoying to some users. The LG KF900 Prada II also does not include a headphone jack but users will be given a free adapter. Another drawback is that it does not have a GPS. Also, if you are browsing on the and you will be not able to access flash site because the phone does not have a flash supported browser.

Overall, the LG KF900 Prada II is highly recommended for those who want the best and most of up-to-date mobile technology, along with functionality. The provider has obviously acknowledged the issues on their first designer model and made improvements. The new fashionable handset is believed to be one of the best touch-enabled phones in the market, so it is worthy of consideration.…

Top 5 Android OS Smartphones

Top 5 Android OS Smartphones

In the smartphone market consumers have four main options in terms of OS, Android, BlackBerry, Apple, and Palm. With smartphones becoming more advanced with every new release, Android based phones are prime choices for tech junkies and anyone looking for a mobile computing device. Our writer looked at the top Android phones on each major carrier (AT&T;, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile) and complied this list based on the very based Android OS phones available. Each phone will receive a brief overview as to why it made our list and to which carrier it is sold on.

1. Sprint HTC EVO 4G (Sprint)

According to the Sprint website the HTC EVO 4G is set for release on June 4, 2010 and will feature some of the most advanced features yet on a smartphone. The EVO made our list due to its incredible internet speeds (think mobile broadband) on the 4G network, thus making it the fastest smartphone available. The 4.3″ touch screen is perfect for large viewing capabilities and features quick key buttons on the bottom of the phone, but are small enough not to obstruct the touch screen area. Other notable features include an 8.0 mega-pixel digital camera, Android 2.1 OS, 1GHz Snapdragon processor, microSD slot (up to 32GB), and access to the Android apps store. Skype users will enjoy the front facing 1.3MP digital camera for chatting on the go. This device is practically a netbook, but much smaller and convenient.


When the original DROID was released, I was stunned by how easy it was to use, the touch screen was incredibly accurate, and the available apps blew me away. Think of the DROID INCREDIBLE as a supped up version of the DROID, with many new features and sleeker build. The INCREDIBLE has many attractive features for any mobile professional and internet user, such as, 1 Ghz Snapdragon processor with 8GB internet memory (can be expanded with microSD cards), Android 2.1 OS, 3.7″ 480×800 touch screen, 8MP digital camera with video capture, and access to the Android marketplace.

3. DROID (Verizon)

My first impression when using the DROID for the first time was how easy it was to grasp for a beginner to Android based phones. The touch screen is very responsive and accurate, and the slide our QWERTY keyboard makes sending messages and internet searching very easy. My favorite features include the bright 3.7″ touch screen with a 480×854 display, 5MP digital camera, upgradeable OS, and overall ease of use. The only feature that is lacking is the digital camera as newer phones are starting to feature phones with 8+MP camera, but the 5MP camera on this phone is adequate for high quality photos and video capture.

4. Motorola CLIQ XT (T-Mobile)

The Motorola CLIQ XT with MOTOBLUR is arguably the best Android phone on the T-Mobile network. The MOTOBLUR feature is excellent; it allows all your favorite social networking sites to update instantaneously from the home …

Great Cell Phones for Seniors

Great Cell Phones for Seniors

As adults, senior citizens depend on us everyday to be there for them whenever they need something. But you still want to stay in touch with them, and make sure your senior citizen stays safe, and if an emergency happens, that they can easily call for help. The perfect gadget for a senior is a cell phone.

However, if you mention something to your senior about getting a cell phone, they will most likely refuse, saying that a cell phone is so complicated, they won’t know how to use it. And to tell you the truth, most cell phones on the market today are not senior-friendly.

But not all cell phones on today’s market are complicated. Some creative minds have designed cell phones aimed at senior citizens which feature things like large buttons, hearing aid compatibility, large text and a button for easily dialing 911.

Below are some phones designed for seniors.

1. UTStarcom Coupe (Verizon Wireless, $39.99 with 2 year contract) 
The UTStarcom Coupe is Verizon’s “senior phone” which features a 911 button, three buttons that can help connect you or first responders to three different ICE (In Case of Emergency) contacts that you specify, large buttons and a large text menu that is easily navigable.

2. Samsung Jitterbug ($147,, with plans that start at $10 a month) 
No, I’m not kidding. This phone really costs $147! But some say the price tag is really worth it. This phone is designed for seniors, and seniors only. It features a loud speaker with cushion, a Yes/No interface, instant access to an operator who can help you out with your phone, and a phone book. Plans for this phone start as low as $10 a month for a 911 only plan, and as high as $80 a month for an 800 minute plans. There are also plans in between the two at reasonable prices. Note, however, when you call a Jitterbug operator for help with your phone, 5 minutes of your monthly airtime are deducted. And if your senior needs a lot of help with his or her phone, and you have a plan that doesn’t include that many minutes, your senior’s airtime may be drained just by calling a Jitterbug operator for help. People also complain about the phone itself being too bulky, and the phone plans being too expensive.

3. Motorola F3 (, Unlocked, $34.99) 
The Motorola F3, originally designed for people in developing countries, is a phone that is very easy to use. Its greatest function is making and receiving calls. It also has a basic phone book, selectable ring tones, basic tools, and that’s it. The interface is so simple, a senior could probably learn how to use the phone all by themselves. Plus, this phone is unlocked, meaning that you can use it with any GSM carrier, which includes AT&T;, Alltel, T-Mobile, Consumer Cellular and more (see list of all GSM carriers at

4. Nokia 1100 (, Unlocked, $45.70) …