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Review of the Samsung Captivate Smartphone

The Samsung Captivate Smartphone comes with a stunning Super AMOLED (Active-matrix organic light-emitting diode) display screen, 16 GB of memory built into the phone, the Captivate has a 1 GHz processor. Also, the Samsung Captivate has an expansion slot where you can add more memory if necessary. The Samsung Captivate features the Google Android 2.1 operating system that provides excellent calling quality. The Smartphone also has complete wifi options for services.

Samsung Captivate Design and Style

The Samsung Captivate is similar to other touch-screen Smartphone's on the market. The design of the Captivate Smartphone is not really that nice. The phone stands 4.18" high x 2.5" wide. The 4-inch AMOLED screen supports 16 million colors with a resolution of approximately 480×800 pixels. The screen displays text very crisp and clean on the phone. The phone seems bigger than most Smartphone's on the market, but it still fits in your pocket plus provides an on-screen clarity that is not seen on most Smartphone's.

The Samsung's Captivate touch screendisplayscreenis really receptive as well as extremely fast. On the bottom of the screen on the Captivate are 4-Android shortcuts such as home, menu, search and back button. The volume button for the Captivate is on the left and the power button is on the right. The Samsung Captivate has an earphone jack port on-top of the phone along with a USB slot. As with other similar phones, the Samsung's Captivate 5-megapixel camera in on the back.

Samsung Captivate User Interface

The Samsung Captivate features Samsung's Touchwiz 3 interface that has new buttons compared to older versions of the interface. You can customize the home screen as you see fit. The Samsung Captivate operates like similar Smartphone's in that you can touch the screen and slide to find exactly what you're looking for. The Samsung Captivate has GPS capabilities allowing you to search and find directions or your location at any time.

Samsung Carrier and Cost

The Samsung Captivate is only available on the AT&T; network at this time. You can download Android apps for this phone and as we all know Android is less strict on app control like Apple is with the Iphone. The Samsung Captivate costs anywhere from $100-$500 depending on what plan or special AT&T; is offering to its customers.


Cell Phone Etiquette in the Oughts (’00s)


Cell phones are ubiquitous and they're here to stay, though they'll probably be imbedded in our skulls eventually. There have been many etiquette guidelines written, but few people seem to be reading them. We're going to make this easy. And please, let's self-regulate before the phone control liberals create a national registry and take away our right to carry a concealed communications device.

It's simple: Treat cell phone usage just like smoking cigarettes in public. (Or if you like, belching or flatus production in public.)

Our social consciousness has finally been raised regarding smoking etiquette. Let's not take as long to do the same for cell phones. You wouldn't blow smoke in someone's face; therefore, don't blow your cell phone conversation in someone's face. You wouldn't light up while you're in line at the bank; likewise, don't cell phone there either. YOU think your conversations are enlightening, cerebral, and important, but the rest of us don't. Old-fashioned telephone booths had a secondary purpose besides giving you privacy–they also shielded us from your blathering.

Now that distance conversations can take place anywhere you can get a signal, society is in more dire need of a cell phone courtesy in-service training session than any white man in history. Furthermore, these manners should be taught early to children, along with not holding their fork overhand, not putting their after-dinner cigarette out on the plate, replacing the roll of toilet tissue when they finish it, not putting their shod feet on the furniture, and saying please and thank you. If you're not teaching these things, we pity the poor fool that marries your kid.


Turn off your cell phone (or at least the ringer):
– in court
– at the ballet
– in church, synagogue, mosque, or NRA services
– in drivers retraining school

Only answer your cell phone if absolutely necessary:
– at your Co-dependents Anonymous meeting
– during your social worker's surprise visit
– while in line at the adult bookstore
– when you're already talking on a land line (you popular person, you)
– at any service window where you might interact with a fellow bipedal primate

If a true emergency call comes in during these or similar situations, then (and only then) quietly and apologetically excuse yourself and take or return the call in private. Your fellow ditto-heads will wait. Surprisingly, you are not that damned important. All other calls can be returned later.

If your cell phone rings or you must place a call in any other scenario not mentioned above, and there are others within earshot, excuse yourself and go talk in private. This will REALLY impress 'em. We don't want to hear your conversation–for real. The one exception here is if the call concerns the close friends, family members, or cellmates that you're with at the time. The other one exception is: If it's your wife's (or girlfriend's) "work" calling, all etiquette rules are suspended.

You may ultimately …

My Cell Phone is Stuck in the Stone Age

My cell phone has an alphanumeric keypad. At least that's what I keep reminding myself so I don't go crazy.

For those of you who are curious, I own an LG Cosmos, a Verizon compatible cell phone. No, it's not a smart phone.(To be honest, I never liked the term 'smart phone' anyway. If it was so dang smart, it would be able to program itself.) It does have bluetooth capabilities and is internet ready.(although I didn't purchase the bluetooth accessories nor a data plan that includes internet access.)

Yet my cell phone has an alphanumeric keypad. That was the main selling point for me at the local Verizon Wireless retailer. I told the customer service rep at the sales desk I was looking for a phone that had an alphanumeric keypad(so I could send out text messages more easily), but did not require me to purchase a data plan. So I settled for the Cosmos, and I signed up for a 450 anytime minutes monthly calling plan, along with a texting plan that includes 500 monthly texts to any mobile phone in the United States, along with unlimited texts to any other Verizon Wireless customer.

Why didn't I choose a plan that allowed me access to the internet, when almost every other person in the free world who owns a cell phone has the internet at their fingertips?

The short answer is that, at the time I believed both data plans available to me were too expensive. The unlimited data plan seemed too expensive from the get go, as I knew I wouldn't be able to make payments with an extra 30 dollars added to my monthly bill. The other option was a 10MB monthly data plan, which cost only $10 a month. I found this to be feasible, but I wondered if I would be to avoid overage charges, so I did not choose that plan either.

The longer answer, however, is that I am an idiot. First of all, while I can't really complain with Verizon Wirless' service(although I know people who don't like them, but, as the saying goes, you can't please all of the people all of the time), I am sure they are overcharging me for my calling/text plans. Heck, I probably pay more for my cell phone bill than some people do for their cable-high speed internet bill. So when my last cell phone contract expired, I chose to stick with Verizon rather than shop around. Now I am stuck with them until at least the fall of 2018, and if I want to cancel my contract before then it will cost me $150 at least. Not to mention that should I want to switch carriers I might have to purchase a new cell phone altogether, which could cost another $50-$100 anyway.

Then, to make matters worse, I was worried about accruing overage charges on my bill with a 10MB monthly data plan. Yet had I added that feature to my bill, it …

Mobile Phone Beginners! Be an Expert Now!

So you just bought your first mobile phone! Congratulations for that. I can understand the queries that your mind is going through right now. I still remember my first experience with a mobile phone. I did not know even to unlock the keypad. Slowly with time and practice I got familiar with the concepts and features. I know that, in any case, you do not want to wait to unleash and utilize the features of your new mobile phone. So I am here to help you out. Rest assured.

First of all you need to understand the difference between your home phone (more commonly a landline phone) and the mobile phone. Both can be used to make phone calls to your near and dear ones. So where is the difference? It just seems to be a vague question at the first go. But it is not. There is a long list of differences between the two. You must be aware about the features of a landline phone. It can be used to make calls, it is not at all portable, used by any member of the family, etc, etc.

Now let me introduce you with the most basic functions which your new mobile phone will offer you. Get ready to be amazed at the things you were missing in your life till now! But finally you are going to enjoy these very soon right after going through the following section.

SMS: Abbreviation for Short Message Service. Do you remember it when you called one of your friends from other city to deliver an important message and they could not answer your call. So what did you do next? Most probably you kept trying their phone over and over again till the time they could have a talk with you. Wasn't that too embarrassing? Yes it was! So what else you could have done? Here comes SMS to our rescue. It is delivered in written form from one mobile phone to other. You write your message, add the number of the person to whom SMS is to be sent and send it. Its just that simple. You would need not stuck up with your landline phone if you had a mobile phone at that time. But no worries! From now onwards, you can use this.I know you can not just wait to send your first SMS. But before you send your first SMS, why not get yourself acquainted with some other great options!

Calendar And Clock: Will your birthday fall on a Sunday this year? Probably you do not know the answer. So how you are going to check it! Going to your room to check the calendar? You need not do that. No! I am not going to teach you any magical calculations. But your phone can magically show it to you. That is what calendar built in your phone does. Check any day and date at ease. Tired of wearing a watch to keep a check on your schedule? …

Top Android Cell Phones

Top Android Cell Phones

Over the past few years Android Phones have been on the rise of the hottest phone around to have. With so much selection and phone specifications it could be hard to choose the best one. Here is the top 5 android phones that you should definitely check out.

HTC Droid Eris

The HTC Droid Eris runs a 1.5 platform and comes with a HTC sense interface, which is customizable. This phone is very modern looking and has a nice look to it. There is no QWERTY feature on this phone so if you are okay with typing everything straight onto the touch screen this is a great choice for you. The Droid Eris is very lightweight, just over 4 ounces, and can be comfortable carrying around in your shirt or pants pocket. Features include WiFi Capability, which is great for anybody, Bluetooth and over 1,000 apps to choose from. My favorite app for this phone is “Shazam”, it will analyze any song and tell you the name and artist. It still to this day amazes me. The HTC Droid Eris is retailed by Verizon Wireless for $469 or $179 with a 2 year contract. Buying online will save you another $100. So this phone has great features, looks cool and is only $79.

Motorola Devour

The Motorola Devour has been recently released by Verizon Wireless. It runs the android 1.6 platform and also has a Motoblur interface. The bright touchscreen interface is 3.1 inches wide and is Bluetooth compatible. There is also a featured QWERTY keyboard that can be used to dial phone numbers, text, and use the internet. The full retail price of the Devour from Verizon Wireless is $479.00 but if you purchase it with a 2 year contract it comes out to $249.99. Purchasing this phone online will also get you another $100 online discount. This phone is great for social networking site users such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace as all your accounts and e-mails can be streamed into one section of your phone. Real Time updates of all your linked pages is also a plus when using th3 Motorola Devour. The price of this phone is good for users who do not want to spend much money on a Droid phone but still love all the features included.

T-Mobile G1 with Google

The T-Mobile G1 is also known as the HTC Dream. This android phone was first released in late 2008 and is still popular to this day. The LCD touch screen glass looking display is clear and vibrant and it weighs just over 5 ounces. This smart phone also features a QWERTY keyboard and trackball, so choices of use is up to you. This phone is my favorite of all the android phones out there. I think it is very useful and I have always been obsessed with Google. The storage on the phone is great, coming with 1GB of memory but you are able to purchase memory cards with …

How to Unlock a Samsung Omnia II Phone

How to Unlock a Samsung Omnia II Phone

The Omnia II is a high-end smartphone developed by Samsung that is marketed as a competitor to other feature-rich phones, such as the Apple iPhone and the Motorola Droid. The Omnia II offers a wide array of features, such as an integrated MP3 player, microphone, quality camera, large touchscreen, and Bluetooth connectivity, and is available on several different carrier networks. Most carriers only offer an Omnia that has been flashed and locked to its own network, making it impossible to use it on a different network until the phone is unlocked. Fortunately, it is relatively simple to unlock the Samsung Omnia, and, once unlocked, you’ll be able to use it on any network that supports its GSM radio type.

Step 1: Open your Web browser via either your smartphone or your laptop and type “” into the URL field, then press “Enter.” This website contains hundreds of cell phone unlock codes that can be purchased, including the code for your Samsung Omnia II.

Step 2: Scroll down the page. Locate and click the “Unlock Your Samsung” link. Fill out the phone details for the unlocker. Choose your carrier from the first drop-down menu on the page, such as “AT&T;,” then wait for the page to automatically forward to the next item. Enter your personal information, including your payment info, into the field. Make sure your phone number and email address are correct, since you’ll need that information to receive the unlock code. Submit the form.

Step 3: Take the battery cover off the back of your phone, then remove the battery. You should see the SIM card, which is a little plastic card located within a slot. Take the SIM card out carefully, then replace the battery and battery cover. Turn your phone on. Open the dial pad as if you were making a phone call, and enter the code you received during Step 2. On most Omnia II phones, the code is: #7465625*638*#. Press “Call” as if you were placing a call. The Omnia will process the unlock code and unlock itself.…

Recycle Your Old Cell Phone and Other E-Waste into Cash

Recycle Your Old Cell Phone and Other E-Waste into Cash

Rapidly changing technology has resulted in rapidly accumulating e-waste. Often times fully functional cell phones, computers or game consoles become landfill fodder or closest clutter. Several companies have recognized this problem and are offering solutions that help both your wallet and the environment.

Cell Phones

With every member of the family having one, cell phone e-waste can add up quickly. Thanks to cellforcash so can the payout. The company will buy back a wide range of used cell phones provided they are still in working condition.

The site’s design makes selling back your phone easy. The buyback system is arranged like an online store. You can browse for your phone by brand and then model. Each phone has a picture and the price the company will pay for it. Just click the “sell” button to add to your cart. Once you are done, you will be lead through a simple checkout process with instructions on sending in your phone.

Not surprisingly, newer model phones will bring the best prices. At the time of this writing, cellforcash offered as much as $250 for used iPhones. Many older phones had prices averages of $9 or $10.

If your phone is old enough to be mistaken for a brick, the site will probably not be able to offer anything for it directly, but don’t loose hope. Cellforcash links to partner sites that may offer up to a $20 credit towards a new phone – even if your phone is a bit brick like. Lastly, the company links to charity and recycling centers.

XBOX, iPod and Digital Cameras

While selling your old mp3 player or portable game system on eBay is certainly a good way to turn it into cash, it does have some disadvantageous. In order to get top dollar you will have to craft a strongly compelling listing and compete with other sellers. Even with a good listing, you will not know until the auction closes what price your gear will actually grab.

An alternative is to sell you used tech to beyondthepod. The site will give you a fixed price for your used game system, camera or mp3 player. Much like cellforcash, the company offers a straightforward shopping style interface that allows you to select the item you wish to sell, and specify its condition. You will then get an instant price. While the company pays the highest price for newer electronics in good condition, they also purchase some electronics even if they are broken.

Used Computers

Online auctions may be the first place you look to when it is time to upgrade your PC, but once again, they may not be the best place. The online auction market is swamped by PC owners trying to get a little cash to help fund an upgrade. Assuming you do find a buyer, auction fees and the cost of shipping a heavy PC can thin out your profit margin quickly.

Tiger Direct offers …

Virgin Mobile Androids: Worth the Money?

Virgin Mobile Androids: Worth the Money?

Virgin mobile offers a wide array of cell phones for a cheap price. As most cheap products, some of them do not work properly and are a waste of money and time. At the same time, there are some phones that are very much worth what you pay. But how do you know which phones will last you a long time and which ones won’t?

The first android phone I will discuss is the Virgin Mobile Venture, currently sold for $34.99. This cell phone is powered by Android 2.3, a slightly older Android platform. This phone is bar-style, meaning the phone does not open or slide. It has a full QWERTY physical keyboard, as well. This phone is very sleek and overall, and it is fairly simple to use. This phone is somewhat bulky, which makes the phone much harder to break. My Virgin Mobile Venture went down flights of stairs, fell in water and was dropped countless times. The only damage that was done are some generally unnoticeable scratches. In addition to these positive features, there is one terrible feature: battery life. I had to charge this phone up to three times a day, even when I hardly used it. If you open and use an application for more than 5 minutes, the battery will drain and the phone will power down. Another major issue with this phone is call quality. Each call you make on this phone comes in with static and is very difficult to hear. Overall, the Virgin Mobile is a good phone, but is not a great phone.

The next android I will review is the Kyocera Rise. This phone is powered by the all-new Android 4.0. It features a slide-out QWERTY keyboard and a 3.5 inch touchscreen. The camera on this phone is a 3.2 Megapixel, which is a good quality for a cell phone camera. This phone is much more delicate than the Virgin Mobile Venture, meaning it is slightly easier to damage. In addition to these features, this cell phone has wonderful battery life. I used this phone quite frequently and I only had to charge it once a day, if that. Overall, the Kyocera Rise is worth the money you pay. This phone can be purchased for good prices, between $69.99 and $79.99.

You can browse Virgin Mobile cell phones here.…

Movie Projectors for the Cell Phone

Movie Projectors for the Cell Phone

Isn’t it amazing the age we live in? We can download movies and television shows into our cell phones, and watch them no matter where we are! Of course, it’s all on a 2 inch screen! Portable Media Players may give us a few more inches, but still, you’re watching something designed for a big screen on a little one.

Well, there may be another outlet. At this year’s CTIA Wireless show, Texas Instruments (TI) demonstrated a Digital Light Processing (DLP) “pico” projector, a tiny movie projector that is able to fit inside the tip of a cell phone. This projector has three lasers, a DLP ship, and measures about 1.5 inches long. It is the same technology that is in projection TV sets, but miniaturized.

A company called Upstream Engineering in Finland is also attempting to create a projector in a cell phone. Only their projector uses a Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology, but still has the same problems. There are concerns whether the light will be bright enough, as projection technology requires quite a lot of lumens (units of brightness) to create a succinct image. The DLP, which uses lasers, could be the one that can produce quality images and still remain a small piece of hardware.

None of my sources say just how large an image the DLP can project. Apparently, the image will be “DVD quality”. Hopefully, they found a way to make it focus clearly, because the idea of holding it continuously in my hand for extended periods of time already makes my muscles sore. TI has not provided pictures of what the projected images look like, but then again, they probably are something that you would have to see in front of you in order to really appreciate.

TI has also not said when these cell phone/projectors will be available. Right now, the picture that I have is one that was released to the press about a week ago. The phone on it is fake, and I’m guessing that it will take a while before TI perfects how to integrate a cell and projector in the same little box. I also haven’t heard anything about sound quality, so I am assuming that any sound would be as good as what comes through the wearer’s headphones.

I’m not certain how this new technology will change mobile entertainment as we know it. Having a mini-movie projector probably won’t help if you want to watch it on a bus. Unless the bus happens to have a good section of white wall that it will let you use. That, or maybe the driver will let you lie down on the floor so you can project on the ceiling. That might work for mini-van passengers.

I also don’t know if this would work on an airplane, because don’t they ask you to turn your cell phones off? Still, assuming they let you use the projector, you could project your own in-flight movie on …

Extending Battery Life of Your Android Phone

Extending Battery Life of Your Android Phone

Power-hungry GPS, large and brighter screens, thinner designs, faster dual-core processors are just but a few of the modern Android phone`s designs that make its battery deplete so quickly. However, with a few tips and tricks, you can succeed in extending battery life of your Android phone.

1. Automatic brightness 
Setting the display brightness to adjust automatically will allow the operating system to dim in darker environment thus saving on energy.

2. Switch off extra features

Keep unnecessary hardware features off while not in use. Features such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS and more, consumes extra power that can be saved.

3. Disable widgets

Dump unnecessary live wallpapers and widgets. Some of these constantly pull updates from the background and keep consuming power.

4. Reduce applications that pull information regularly

Reduce applications that consistently pull information such as Facebook, email, twitter and the rest. You can change the settings to manual and always activate them when necessary or when there is a new message in the inbox.

5. Stay up to date

Keep applications updated. Up to date application use less power. Check to always confirm that all get automatic updating from the internet.

6. Disable flash

Adobe Flash is set to load flash content from the web and therefore keeps connecting to the internet which consumes power for no reason. You can adjust the settings from the Internet browser`s menu.

7. Adjust RSS feeds frequency

Default settings of some third-party application keeps checking for updates constantly in the background without indicating the cost on the battery life.

8. Check the signal strength 
Stationing in an area with low signal strength will over work the phone as it keeps trying to latch onto enough cellular signal which will cost extra power.

These are some of realistic ways of extending battery life of your Android phone rather than putting it off or charging it multiple times a day.…