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Best Phone Recovery Tools for Android

Best Phone Recovery Tools for Android

When you lose your phone, it’s a nigthmare. Where did I live it? At home? In the car? Did it fell of the street? Was it stolen? You can get your Android back by using some recovery tools. There are all types of services that will allow you to track and find where your phone is and hopefully get it back.

Best Phone Recovery Tools for Android: SeekDroid

This is a nice and simple utility to help you find your android. And the bast part is almost free! It costs only $0.99. The application allows you find you device by tracking it on Google map. You will also be able to lock it remotely lock it. If you have set up SeekDroid you can also make sound an alarm and display a message to return the phone. Once you have realised you have lost your Android you manage everything from the SeekDroid Web site.

Best Phone Recovery Tools for Android: Where’s My Droid

If you really want a free phone recovery tool for your Android this it!. Where’s My Droid is a completely free utility that “finds” a lost Android phone very easily. It has two modes: one to search your phone in your home and another one to find it if you have lost it out of your home. In the first mode it allows you to make sound and alarm to locate your droid. In the second mode it allows to use the phone GPS capabilities to locate it on a map. You can send message to be displayed on your lost phone so a good Samaritan can return it to you..

Best Phone Recovery Tools for Android: Prey

This service will cost between $5 to 399 per month depending on number of phones you wish to protect. Is an anti theft application. Once you realize your phone is lost or if you get robbed you simply send a text message with an activation phrase. Prey will deactivate your phone automatically and send periodical updates on its location.

These are three of Best Phone Recovery Tools for Android. Now is your turn, leave a comment. What do you think should be included additionally in this post?